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For years Fred Eisen has collected knives and made custom leather knife sheaths for fine bladesmiths and collectors from around the world.  This inspired a whole new website which features knives that are available to our customers.
Art Knives for the Sophisticated Collector - Jewelry for your Pocket!

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Fred Eisen leather sheaths are featured below along with our great art knife makers.

custom leather sheath holds a Laguiole knife with Fisher Space pen
Custom Knife and Pen Sheath for William Henry Knife  and Fisher Space pen
Hand-Cobbled Knife Sheath by Fred Eisen
David Boye Knife with Fred Eisen Leather Sheath
Custom leather sheath holds a Laguiole knife with Fisher Space pen
Molded leather knife sheath by Fred Eisen
Fred Eisen's Hand-Laced Leather Sheath
Hippo Tooth Knife with Elephant Hide Sheath
Fred Eisen's Hand-Stitched and Molded Leather Sheath

"My fascination with knives began with tools for doing leatherwork. Being a leather craftsman for 40+ years and having delved into the history of leatherwork and the tools of the trade has provided a natural progression into knives. At an early age people and knife makers asked me to make knife sheaths for them, thus providing another step into the world of knives.
Being a contemporary American craftsman has influence me to support other contemporary craftsman. It is hard to find any other craft with the artistic and functional integrity of our contemporary generations of blade smiths and knife makers."

Custom-Made Knives  at Fred Eisen Leather Designs
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