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Fred has been designing and making leather bags, purses, and handbags for more than 30 years.  He has always striven to bring the perfect combination of function and style to you, our customer.  The leathers we choose are a compromise between being elegant and being easy to take care of.  To those of you who do not yet own a FRED EISEN leather bag, we hope this quality and stylish experience is about to begin.    All of our bags are here.
Pictures link to details and larger images.

Leather Backpack Front Pocket Pack 

Leather Handbags Classic Bags

Leather Mail Bag Mail Bag 

Leather Tote Bag Zipper Tote

Leather Gym Bag Barrel Bag

Amanda-bags-150 Amanda Bag

Leather Shoulder Bag Hunting Bag

Leather Backpack Super Pack

Small Leather Handbags Sm. Rectangle, Elana

Leather Carry-on Luggage Trapezoid Bag 

messenger-bag-collection-a-300 Messenger Bags

Leather Shoulder Bag Waterbag 

Leather Messenger Bag Messenger Bag

Leather Fanny Pack Fanny Pack 

Soft Leather Tote Purse Softee Bag

Spring Small Leather  Bag Spring Bag

Fringed Purse Fringe 2002

Book_Brief_150p Book Brief

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Lyn Lydall , and Kimberly Chalos and Custom Saddle Bags

leather Purse Tie Bag

Leather Backpack Front Pocket Pack 

Leather Day Pack Backpack Day Pack 

Fall Leather Zipper Bag Fall Bag

Mail_Brief_150p Mail Brief

2Tone_Briefbag_150p 2-Tone Brief Bag

FRED EISEN leather bags are designed with maximum function in mind.  All leather bags have several compartments that are simple and practical, able to deal with life's changing personal and electronic needs. However, if you would like a customized leather bag, that is also available if you visit the shop.  Call or e-mail to make an appointment.

We offer a 5 year guarantee on all structural aspects of all of our bags.






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